12 Volt vs 5 Volt

This is a common factor when buying pixels and controllers to power your light show. With 12V pixels you can generally get away with less power injection as 5V pixels will require more power injection. Power injection is a whole topic of its own and you can ask 5 people how to power inject and you will get 5 different answers. Just know that ohms law is consistent. Higher voltage means less voltage drop over longer distances (this also will depend on wire gauge) but for our discussion we will assume 18 gauge wire. With 12V pixels you can run about 150-200 pixels before the voltage drops to a level where your pixels will not respond properly. In the 5V world, you can run between 75-100 pixels before the voltage drops to low for the pixels to operate properly. Choosing between 12V and 5V is strictly based on your show layout and your preference.