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Holiday Lighting Controller

Power Controller 240V/120V in / 120V out

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Power In
This power controller is designed to power multiple pixel controllers throughout your light show. One 240 volt 30 amp A/C input or 120 volt 15 amp A/C to multiple 120 volt 15 amp A/C outputs. This device can be controlled by WiFi or by just plugging it into a 240V/30A L14-30 receptacle or Standard A/C receptacle. The WiFi option allows for your pixels controllers to be automated. You can turn on and off all of your pixel controllers with ease. No more leaving your pixel controllers on while your show isn't running. This Power Controller can be customized to your individual needs. Input cable is 10 gauge 4 conductor 30 amp rated S/O cord, 10 foot in length or 14/3 S/O 10' cord. Output cables are 14 gauge 3 conductor 15 amp rated S/O cord, 8 foot in length. This design is built using a uni-strut "H" with 1/2 EMT clamps (2) for mounting in the ground. (1/2" EMT not included)  Contact us for more information about configurations.