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Holiday Lighting Controller

Smart Receiver Controller with power vent

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This controller is designed to be used with a Falcon F16V4 or an F48V4. This controller includes a CG-1500 enclosure and backplate, (2) 4 string Differential Smart Receivers, Falcon power distribution board, mean well 350W 12V or 5V power supply(s), power vent, 6 space Fuse Block, (4) double hole Cable Glands and (2) triple hole Cable Glands, (2) RJ-45 Cable Glands. Built with Uni-Strut mounting system for ease of mounting your controller onto a piece of 1/2" EMT conduit includes (2) pipe clamps, (EMT not included). This controller can be custom built for your needs. Prior to placing you order please choose 5V or 12V configuration. Version 1.0 WILL NOT WORK WITH F16V4/F48V4. Choose pigtail configuration as well (Ray-Wu or xConnect or Paul Zhang).