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Holiday Lighting Controller

Kulp K8-B Scroller Controller

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This Build is a Kulp K8-B Scroller. It has 8 local ports (fused with LED indicators) that can each drive 800 pixels (with power injection) at 40FPS. It also has one RJ45 differential ports that can output an additional 4 strings using differential receivers. The 800 pixels per string is the same for all strings. There are also 3 HUB75 ports for driving LED Panels such as P5 and P10 panels. Each of the 3 ports can drive 5 P5 or 10 P10 panels. There are also two UARTs exposed via header pins which can drive DMX universes or Renard or LOR. This device comes with a Beagle Bone Black Rev 3, and a 32GB SD card pre loaded with the latest version of FPP.